October 22, 2020


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Hollywood Movies

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Hollywood Movies is a neighbourhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California. It is the home of the U.S. film industry, including several of its historic studios, that is why we call it Hollywood.

Hollywood movies since the early 20th Century the cinema of the United States has a large effect on the film industry. The dominant style of American cinema is one of the classic Hollywood cinemas which developed in the year of 1913 to 1969. Hollywood is also been considered as a transnational cinema. It often produces different versions in Spanish or French.

Hollywood is considered as the birthplace of various genres – like drama, action, comedy, romance, science fiction, horror and many others setting an example for other national film industries. It is the oldest film industry where earliest film studios and production companies emerged.

Today, American film studios generate several hundred movies every year collectively. This makes the United States one of the most prolific producers of films in the world and a leading pioneer in motion picture engineering and technology.

Best Hollywood Movies

Best Hollywood Movies - moviezmantra

Let’s take a short trip to the Best Hollywood Movies we have seen till now, because who doesn’t believe that Bollywood makes some awesome movies in different genre with a unique story line and love watching them again and again. If you haven’t watched any of the Hollywood movie then I would suggest you to take a trip to the world of Hollywood and pick up a movie and watch it. I am telling you that you will not regret.

Have a look at some of the incredible best hollywood movies that you should watch or if you have watched it than watch it again no big deal.

  1. Frozen: It is an animated musical fantasy American 3D movie produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The film is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale know as “The Snow Queen”. When the kingdom is trapped by perpetual winter, Anna joins with mountaineer Kristoff to find her sister. Their journey leads to a lot of epic encounters with harsh conditions, mystical trolls and magic at every turn. They both are in push of saving the kingdom. 
  2. Joker: A 2019 release Joker has touched most of the hearts with the performance of the talented actors and the story. The movie is the story of Arthur Fleck a comedian in Gotham City where he is mentally troubled, disregarded, mistreated by the society. He embarks a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime, taking this path brings him in front of his face to face alter-ego.
  3. How to Train your Dragon: Release of 2010 a computerised animated movie where Hiccup, a Viking, was about to kill a dragon to mark his passage into manhood and be initiated into his tribe. But something happened and, he ends up doing the exact opposite by befriending a deadly Night Fury. Know what made him change his decision by watching the movie.
  4. The Upside: Directed by Neil Burger, Phillip a New York billionaire who is paralysed and need someone who can help him with his day-to-day activities. He then decides to hires a struggling parolee who’s trying to reconnect with his ex and his young son named Dell. They come from two different world but despite this they have created a strong bond for each other an unlikely friendship that blossoms the life of Dell and Phillip and together the rediscover the joy of living the life at the fullest.
  5. Hachi- A Dog’s Tale: If you are a dog lover this movie is must to watch and if you claim yourself a dog lover and haven’t watched this yet and man what are you doing. Sit you sweet little dog and watch this movie together. You both will love it. It is a 2009 movie remake of the Japanese movie Hachiko. A professor finds a dog that was abandoned and he takes him home. Take care of him; treat him like a family and over a period of time they form and unbreakable bond.
  6. The Pursuit of Happiness: A man looses on his money on an invention and his wife leaves him. He is now left with his son. He has no money, no home to live but a son to take care of with an unpaid internship he was doing. This pursuit of happiness is all about how he struggled and achieved his goal and was happy.

Let’s now see some list of movies in categories. These are not all the genres that Hollywood has but just a two or three of them which we have picked. Have a look and let us know what you think of this collection.

Hollywood Horror Movies 

hollywood horror movies - moviezmantra

Oh God! Hollywood Horror Movies are made to die for. The work behind making it, the story, the characters feel so real that we have Goosebumps on our body. Let us have a look into some of these movies.

  1. Orphan: While talking about a horror movie this movie always comes in mind first. This is a story of a couple who has a daughter and they recently lost their baby, so after this incident they thought of adopting a child. They adopted a nine-year old girl and were happy to welcome her in their home, but what something was ahead of them that they didn’t saw. But soon they found out that the girl has troubled and mysterious past and she is not what she pretends to be. The story is thriller with a lot of suspense at the end.
  2. Insidious: The couple Josh and Renai are seeking to start fresh in their lives so they move to a new house. Accidentally when their son Dalton falls into coma, paranormal events start happening in that house. Watch the movie to know what happens to them in that house.
  3. Annabelle: John and Mia get attacked by a couple who are also the worshipers of Satan but before the police can arrest them they use a doll as a conduit and makes the life miserable of John and Mia. What do you think happens in the end, do the couple succeed to kill them both or not? The answer is in the movie go watch it.

Hollywood Romantic Movies

hollywood romantic movies - moviezmantra

Get ready to see some Hollywood Romantic Movies. Hollywood is filled with romance and their definition of it may vary with what we think. Below are some of the Hollywood romantic movies.

  1. Titanic: A seventeen year old girl who belongs from an aristocratic family was all set to get married. But when she boards Titanic, she fall in love with Jack Dawson who is an artist. You have to see the movie to know how the love story starts or ends. 
  2. Notting Hill: The simple but complicated love story of a British bookseller who falls in love with a high profile American actress, Anna. It shows how their relationship goes to many up and down because of their different social status. 
  3. The Fault in Our Starts: The movie is based on the novel of the same name written by John Green. The movie is about two teenagers Hazel and Augustus who are cancer afflicted and they meet in a cancer support group. The story of their love begins from here and later the two of them embark on a journey to Amsterdam to visit a reclusive author. (Hollywood Romantic Movies)

Hollywood Movies Action

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Let see what action has in his store. As you know Hollywood makes a lot of action movies like Spiderman, Fast and Furious, Inception and a lot more like this. You can spend your whole life watching Hollywood movies action. Let us have a look at some of the action movies.

  1. Taken: It’s a 2008 release with 3 parts. It is an Action and thriller movie which most of you would like to watch. The story is of an ex-secret service agent whose daughter is abducted by human traffickers while she was on a trip to Paris. So without knowing of her whereabouts he travels to Paris to find and protect her daughter. 
  2. Iron Man: Iron man is also a release of 2008 directed by Jon Favreau. This is a story of Tony Stark who is an industrialist who constructs a high-tech armoured suit to escape. When he manages to escape, he thinks to use his suit to fight against the evil forces to save the world. The action show in the movie is must watch, they have looked into every detail. (Hollywood movies)
  3. Avengers: This is a superhero film based on the Marvel comic superhero team which has the same name. Loki poses a threat to planet Earth when Nick Fury is compelled to launch Avengers Initiative. The squad come together to protect the Earth and accomplish their tasks. A movie much loved by children and adults.

By now we have gone through some of awesome movies from different categories. But this doesn’t ends here we have comedy movies, children movies, animated movies and many other in the list. If you are a lover of animated movies then you should definitely check out the Best Hollywood movies they make some great of it.

Hope you loved a short intro of Hollywood movies. We will be posted a lot of posts on movies and shows from different part of the world.