October 22, 2020


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Bollywood Movies

bollywood movies - moviezmantra

Bollywood movies are something all the generation in India loves to watch. We live in Bollywood, we dream about getting there, we dream of meeting the actors, we dream of having the life showed in the movies. A Bollywood movie is a fantasy for all Indian.

It has been a part of our childhood, especially during the times of summer. We used to watch a lot of movies with our family. Some have watched on the black and white television. Some may have watched on the colour television. We have a lot of memories attached with Bollywood movies.

In India bollywood plays a big role in all of our lives. We know what love is from Bollywood. We learn a lot from the movies. Nowadays lots of movies are created looking into the situations going around us like; movies related to caste issues, acid attack victims, problems faced by females in the society and many other problems are viewed and shown to the audience for a good awareness among us because in India Bollywood movies are not only a way of entertainment for us but they are more used in spreading awareness among the public of India. People get influence from what they see so a good care should be taken in choice of movies we see because some or the other way it influences us in many ways.

Bollywood Movie Collections

Bollywood Movie Collections - moviezmantra

India has a lot of different tastes and people here belongs to different religion and believing so all kinds of movies are been make keeping in mind the citizens of India. Bollywood movie collection has a lot in it, it includes a lot of genre. We have movies in different languages. 

Indian films have been screened in markets around the world since the early 20th century. As of 2003, there are markets in over 90 countries where films from India are screened.  During the first decade of the 21st century, there was a steady rise in the ticket price, a tripling in the number of theaters and an increase in the number of prints of a film being released, which led to a large increase in the box office collections.

Let’s see some bollywood movie collections by categories.

Bollywood Movies Comedy

Bollywood Movies Comedy - moviezmantra

We laugh with family. Indian Bollywood movies comedy are something die for. We laugh like hell. Children to Older people have laughs on their faces watching the movies. Let’s see some of the iconic comedy movies of Bollywood.

  • Hera Pheri : The plot revolves around trio, consisting of comically hilarious person names Baburao Ganpat Rao Apte known as Babu Bhaiya played by Paresh Rawal, who doesn’t know the famous Babu Rao, he is out of the box in this movie. A cunning loafer Raju played by Akshay Kumar and a struggling pauper Shyam played by Sunil Shetty. The combo of this trio takes the movie in the air and the comedy they have done is mind blowing. It shows how they struggle for money and when the money comes in their way the journey of laughter starts from there. You should watch it if you are looking for a good laugh.  
  • Chachi 420: Oh mu god! This movie. Many of us have seen this movie in our childhood and how the plot made us laugh. The memories with this movie are still fresh in our hearts. Here Jaiprakash Paswan played by Kamal Haasan has two characters one Jaiprakash itself the husband of Janki Paswan Playes by Tabu and a father and the other character of a Marathi women Lakshmi Godbole who goes to janki for the job of nanny. As after the both gets divorces Jai wants to be near her child so he turned himself as Lakshmi and got the job of nanny. All the fun stories of hiding his true identity and struggling between two characters there is a lot of fun.
  • Munna Bhai M.B.B.S : Murli Prasad Sharma a.k.a Munna Bhai played by Sanjay Dutt. This is a story of a don in Mumbai who plays a role of Doctor when his father comes to visit him because his father thinks that he is a doctor and this revolves around how he maintain to keep the secret.
  • Hulchul : This movie has a huge cast and the story also revolves around all of them. It’s related to how a bunch of man likes the same lady and do everything to impress her. 
  • Housefull : This story starts which Akshay Kumar how this he his jinxed with loser as wherever he goes he gets fail and he stays with his friend played by Ritesh Deshmukh and a lot of things goes around them.
  • Chup Chup Ke : How Shahid Kapoor plays a role of a person who is not able to speak and deaf after he runs away from his house because of heavy loan on him which he can’t pay. He then meets Kareena Kapoor is also is not able to speak and how they love each other. It’s a mix of romance and comedy.

And the list goes on. We have a lot of collection in this category. 

Bollywood Movies Horror

Bollywood Movies Horror - moviezmantra

Let’s now talk about something horror. Do you love Bollywood movies horror? Then you are at the right place. Have a look at some amazing horror movies of Bollywood.

  • Pari : The story revolves around the demon Ifrit and Aulad chakra, a satanic cult in Bangladesh aiming to progress the bloodline of Ifrit. They torture innocent women and summon the demon to rape them so that they are impregnated with its offspring. 
  • Stree : The story revolves around a woman who targets men abducts them at night and leaves their clothes behind.
  • Raaz : A group of college students are enjoying their picnic in the forest of Ooty. Where a girl name Nisha is attacked by a spirit. And it shoes that the spirit has come for a purpose and will not leave until it gets done. Watch the movie if you want to know why the spirit killed Nisha and what does he want?
  • Shaapit : It is a story of love and fear. Where Aman played by Aditya Narayan who has some shaap on it due to which there is problem in his life. To know what the shaap was and how he struggled and Does he made it till the end? You need to watch it.
  • Krishna Cottage : It starts when a group of college students are forces to take shelter in a house name Krishna Cottage for a night. And what they didn’t know was that the cottage was haunted by a spirit. After that how the spirit troubles them and what he does with the group is a big suspense. To know so and watch it.

Bollywood Movies Action

 Action - moviezmantra

If you are a fan of action movies then you know what Bollywood movies action are like. They are always a mix of some comedy or romance but it’s worth watching because the efforts behind the actions done by some of the Indian actors are at another level.

  • Baahubali 2 : The Conclusion: The Indian drama and action both are in this movie. How Bahubali was murdered and how his son took over his kingdom after knowing who he was and fought for the people of the kingdom against his Uncle, Brother of Bahubali.
  • URI- The Surgical Strike : The movie tells all about the surgical strike that happened, how it happened, the people behind it, and the plan. All the things are shown in this movie in detail. One should watch it and especially for the acting of Vicky Kaushal.
  • Kesari : It is a story of 21 Sikhs who died in the war of Sargarhi. It has all the emotional scenes of the Sikhs and how they fought against their enemies and didn’t give up. They fought and died instead of running.
  • Deewar : The film is about a depiction of the strong leadership of trade unionist Anand Verma, who works hard to enhance the lives of struggling labourers. 

Actually this is not even 0.001% of bollywood movies action the list goes on like crazy after the industry had Amitabh Bachchan . He made more of action movies in his time.

I think if we sit and talk about bollywood movies it will take our whole life but still our talk will not be finished. Because this is how big of bollywood industry is and the work they do, the talents that come out is mind blowing. There are a lot of bollywood movies download websites which can help you download and watch the movies.

Bollywood will also have a special place in the hearts if Indians. Am i telling right or Am I the only one who feels like this, because man bollywood impacts the story of our life as well.  We try to make our life like the one showed on the screens and we work hard towards getting there.

Bollywood Movies is a Fairy land for all.