October 22, 2020


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Made In Heaven Web Series

Made In Heaven Web Series

Made In Heaven Web Series…First things first you should know. Made In Heaven” is the sexiest web series India has produced. We cannot doubt the great story and the cast of the series, it’s on another level. The love scenes, both hetero and homosexual, look real with the actors letting loose the kind of unbridled physical passion that was so far forbidden in Indian cinema.

Welcome to the hormonal revolution.

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In fact one of the earliest episodes of this nine-episode entertainer had the protagonist Shobita Dhulipala and her screen-husband Jim Sarbh with their hands, legs and tongues all over the screen. Such lack of inhibition is the most refreshing. Bring it on. (Made In Heaven Web Series)

Say hello to this bracing antidote to repression. Every major character of “Made In Heaven” is just waiting to break free from one form of repression or another. You don’t know what life has for you Shobita’s character Tara is a humble girl who comes from a middle-class background, and she is married to Adil who is rich, has  money and now ‘money’ is cheating on her with her best friend. Is this what a girl dreams for money and a cheating husband no never girls don’t look for cheaters. You can’t have your diamonds without sleepless nights.

Sleepless nights, reminds me of Arjun Mathur’s character Karan Mehra who is a closeted homosexual yearning to come out, grappling with emotional and financial problems. Together these two partners of Made In Heaven, plot and plan through a lavish wedding on both food and feud, fuelled by desire and desperation and a longing to find a more relevant core in their plush lifestyle than what is affordable to the senses. They have started this agency with lots of dreams and keeping a lot of things at stake. But some of these characters are wretchedly unhappy. (Made In Heaven Web Series)

Lies seem to fuel the passions of these inflamed characters. A simmering discontent underlines the well laid-out drama, like a still blue pool that whirls and swirls underneath. Accordingly, the truthful moments shine brightly in the series. There is this epiphanous encounter between our hero Karan and his snoopy landlord’s zany daughter when he catches her smoking and reprimands her, and she tells him he shouldn’t stay out all night. They both know each other’s guilty secrets and are comfortable in their knowledge.

The writing (Reema Kagti, Zoya Akhtar, Niranjan Iyenger, Alankrita Shrivastava, Vivek Anchalia) is fluent and feisty. The dialogues hit the right notes without putting too fine a point on it. While the surfaces glisten with gloss, this is not a series that wallows in superficial glamour. Not by half.

Issues on societal hypocrisy (Arjun runs into a lover all set to marry an unsuspecting bride who when confronted hits back with, “Will you marry me? )A run through the series creating a tingling spine of revelations on topics that cinema refrains from exploring. (Made In Heaven Web Series)

The performances range from outstanding to satisfactory, and the quality doesn’t depend on the length of the character’s role. Shivani Raghuvanshi has less playing time than the other protagonists. But she nails it as a small-towner Jazz (real name Jaspreet), revelling in the life of the rich and the privileged. Jazz is the one who often comes up with solutions in deadlocked weddings though a brunt of sniggers.

For all its optical affluence and love for the lush, “Made In Heaven” tells us there is more to the working-class than meets the eye. This is a series you will want to watch all in one go. 

Made In Heaven Season 2

Made In Heaven Season 2

Made In Heaven Season 2 saw Tara Khanna and Karan Mehra run a Delhi-based wedding planning company that caters to uber rich families willing to shell a fortune for one memorable, extravagant event. Many uncomfortable truths and secrets are uncovered along the way. The Amazon Prime show has been lauded for its sensitive portrayal of gay characters and also exploring the topics of class and gender.

Apart from Mathur and Dhulipala, Jim Sarbh, Kalki Koechlin, Shashank Arora and Shivani Raghuvanshi also feature in pivotal roles. Several actors make cameo appearances, including Neena Gupta, Shweta Tripathi and Manjot Singh. (Made In Heaven Web Series)

Zoya and Reema Kagti created the series, which was written along with Alankrita Shrivastava. In the nine-episode-long first season, the directing duties were split between Zoya, Alankrita, Nitya Mehra and Prashant Nair.

Made In Heaven Cast

Made In Heaven Cast

Made In Heaven Cast Who plays whom in the latest Amazon Prime original series.

Arjun Mathur as Karan Mehra

Karan Mehra, his character is portrayed to be part of the LGBTQ community. He is seen as essaying the role of one of the wedding planners and co-owners of ‘Made In Heaven’ in the series.

Sobhita Dhulipala as Tara Khanna

She has started her career with debut in Anurag Kashyap’s Raman Raghav 2.0 and now seen in Made In heaven playing the role of Tara Khanna who runs the wedding planning agency with Karan Mehra.

Jim Sarbh as Adil Khanna

He is playing Tara’s husband in the series, going by glimpses of his character from the trailer, his colourful life appears to have deeper secrets which might be a turning point for his relationship with Tara.

Kalki Koechlin as Faiza Naqvi

A complex character played by Kalki and also a very close friend of Tara. Speaking about her character to The Week, the actress reveals, “It was interesting how throughout the series you get a chance to see this person, through her therapy sessions she undergoes, how she’s crumbling. It was a pretty complex character to play.”

Shashank Arora as Kabir Basrai

Kabir Bansal, a supporting character in the series works with Karan and Tara in the wedding agency Made in Heaven. (Made In Heaven Web Series)

Shivani Raghuvanshi as Jaspreet ‘Jazz’ Kaur

She plays the role of Jaspreet Kaur or Jazz and seems to hail from a middle class background. And working in Made in Heaven as a new employee fascinates her when she experiences the rich lifestyle of the clients.

Made In Heaven Review

Made In Heaven Review

Audience is going crazy about the Made in Heaven web series, they are totally in love with the characters and the story and are eagerly waiting for the next season to come. And we all hope it comes soon with a great story line as we as audience are expecting a lot from this series, it’s not just about entertainment but the Made in Heaven has given a lot of social messages out which we really need to think about.

Let’s see some of the Made in Heaven review written by the audiences and how much they love it and what did they like the most of the series.

  • Can’t thank Zoya enough to Zoya for this beautiful piece of Indian drama. She selected the outnumbered topic from an affair to homosexuality, dowry to old baseless traditions, friendship and love, hurt and betrayal all together and mixed them with feelings. Loved the way the story engaged you, you can’t wait to see the next one.

Great star cast of Dil Dhadakne Do mostly. Either she adores them or she found    them really upto the mark. Kalki, what should i say, amazing you, amazingly done your role. Jim, I love you man though your counts are 16 Mn only, kidding but I really love Adil you played. Dear Tara, you are no less than Fellon of Dynasty, but in your own charming Indian way. Beautiful, strong, confident. Love

Shashank & Shivani- well it’s never complete without you guys. Kabir, gimme quotes every time u speak n JAZZ u show the best of a woman’s world. Zoya, the character of Karan just touched my heart, the way you showcased his story, I am grateful. Love to have someone like you in the industry to show some love in LGBTQ. (Made in Heaven review)

Last but not the least, the writer – amazingly showcased the woman of today’s world as very outspoken and ambitious.

  • The web series, Made In Heaven was a conglomerate of all the heavy topics we witness in our societal circle but choose to acclaim openly. With a tint of apt amount of drama, emotions and lust, the web series was an eye-catching narrative which one can never afford to be affected by.
  • All the characters possess a unique portrayal of their flashy lifestyles  and intriguing dissatisfaction, basking the hollowness we all carry with ourselves but very hesitant to admit it up-front. The makers and producers of the show have chosen it all, the dark secrets of infidelity, deep-rooted male chauvinism, the scary family pressure or the sexual orientation. One by one, every flawed reality in our lives has been kicked with a bang, forcing the audience to do nothing but admit it.
  • The main aim of this series ultimately is to show that be it rich or poor ,men or women, heterosexual or homosexual everyone wears a front to make themselves socially acceptable, but when u scratch the surface and dig deeper , u see that everybody is equal and same. Everyone acted up to the marks, even people who made guest appearances .This series also shows the courage of women without making it over the top and keeping it grounded. Also the quotes spoken and description given by Kabir in each episode is awesome. This is a must watch if u want to see some reality check in Indian society which we often fail to acknowledge and turn a blind eye. Can’t wait for season2!!

So the audience is going crazy waiting for the next season and we hope that the next season comes very soon. (Made In Heaven Web Series)