October 22, 2020


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Best Web Series In Hindi

Best Web Series In Hindi

Best Web Series In Hindi…The media consumption patterns of a user have changed with the introduction of online streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. India alone has over 40 service providers of OTT (over the top) services in India, including Voot, Hot Star, Sony Liv, ALTBalaji, Viu, etc. 

You must be wondering what to watch this weekend as you have a lot of content spread all over the internet so we thought why not come out with great ideas for you all to watch.

Here are our top pick of best web series in hindi that will make your weekend relaxing.

  1. Gullak: This could be any middle-class Indian family anywhere, the show suggests, and it proves the point by finding its humour and narrative thrust in the everyday. A every day drama of a middle class family and the things they do that makes them happy even in the toughest time is what we need to learn from this series. Some of you may relate to this in every level and some may think this can’t be happen but you know what this things happen in a middle class family and this is how it works for them. They find happiness in every little thing in their life whether it be watching cricket match on a Sunday with the whole family with some samosa’s and cold drink, they will be happy in this rather than going out watching movies with friends and enjoying. 
  2. TVF Tripling: A great story of all the unexpected troubles turning to adventurous experiences for the 3 siblings reuniting. The cast is lovely, love how the story progresses, bond, etc. This will really get you carried away by this show. Everything is not perfect in life but we can make it better in our own ways. That’s the message that this web series shared with us. The first episode s1 introduced us to a road-trip with the tripling which gradually transformed into anything but a road trip. The series was quite obviously converted into a family drama-com. Unlike other popular TVF series, this series was something different. (Best Web Series In Hindi)
  3. TVF Cubicles: Riddled with issues, narrative and philosophical, the web-series still works. It makes you smile, and squirm, there’s glee and hope. This whole series is trying to put a gilded, almost floral filter on the corporate space, trying to show how people seek value from their work. But this value is not just satisfaction at the end of the day (your job as your vocational soul-mate), it is also the salary that airdrops into the bank account. So if you can show the satisfaction, and you can show how much in need of money these corporate yuppies are, then show the airdrop of the slowly depreciating currency too! The story is simple, which is chronicling a few identifiable ‘happening stages’ of a newbie in the IT field.
  4. Ghoul: Ghoul is another offering by Netflix in its attempt to grow deeper roots in the Indian market. It had created quite the hype after a trailer was dropped by Netflix’s YouTube channel some months ago. Ghoul is a different kind of horror that makes us realise Humans are the real Demons sometimes which we fail to see and understand. It portrays that it’s the human bad deeds which result into the birth of evil spirit /demons, though many don’t believe in this stuff which is a personal choice of belief. But beyond certain limit an incredible force intervenes to punish the wrong deeds of humans. Though it has less scary spine chilling moments which would be dominant in a hardcore horror concept, it has been displayed under situations inevitably in last episode very well. (Best Web Series in Hindi)
  5. Pushpavalli: Started as a light heart comedy which is slowly turned in to a psychological thriller. Some of the scenes felt so uneasy. It had a simple, uncomplicated storyline with genuinely funny bits. The main character’s desperation gets too dark and the whole show switches from comedy to psycho drama in a matter of seconds. The story highlights the various aspects of the orthodox society like the meeting of guruji, no cooking “those days”. The story falls on the aspects of professional life meeting the personal ones, constant yelling and use of non-constitutional words in a children’s library. Lots of yelling by everyone and lots of manipulation makes it scarier. The best part is how she manages to tackle the insults she faces every day.
  6. Patal Lok: Plot revolves around attempted murder of famous journalist (Neeraj Kabi) and 4 criminals who got supari to kill him. But they could not kill him caught by Delhi police. Then investigation started by police  and then transferred to CBI(tries to connect with contemporary scenario) ,then police officer who is investing get suspended,  again when CBI reveals story, police and his associate(preparing IAS,Muslim),sees lacuna in story of CBI. Both start their own investigation to unearth who were the victims with obvious political colour to it. Patal loka is one of the best web series in recent years and will soon be considered as a cult classic. Do watch to know what we are talking about. (Best Web Series In Hindi)
  7. Engineering Girls: Reliving your college days onscreen is definitely one of the best things to watch online. The Timeliner’s newest series Engineering Girls will make all the girls relive a lot of things they did during college time. The web series revolves around three girls in an engineering college. You may cry or miss your crime buddies watching this series but let me tell me you that you won’t regret that few tears and memories of happiness of your college buddies.

Best Web Series In India

Best Web Series In India

Relationships have evolved, people have evolved and our consumption of media and entertainment has evolved. It wasn’t too long ago that the ‘YouTube series’ was to TV shows what ‘indie film’ was to popular mainstream cinema: low budget, technically deficient affairs that won hearts nevertheless, because of soul and intent. And we have the best web series in India which we are crazy about and love watching those.

  1. Special OPS: Special Ops is Indian spy thriller web series which revolves around a Senior analyst in R&AW Himmat Singh (K.K Menon) who believes that there is an involvement of a mastermind terrorist leader among various attacks in India. Himmat Singh manages his work along with his personal life is shown in the series. With the ongoing enquiry on the unchecked spending of the organisation, can Himmat Singh and his elite team of Special Agents eliminate the Mastermind is to find out. So finally, if you want to watch a web series which on par the likes of The spy, Fauda and Jack Ryan, Hotstars new offering ‘Special Ops’ is a must watch. (Best Web Series In Hindi)
  2. Flames: FLAMES takes you back to the days of innocent school romance, especially the kind that developed at tuition centers. The delightful teenage love story that had ingratiated its way into the collective consciousness of online audiences with its old-world charm and old-fashioned quaintness. If you are a teenager then we know what you are going through watching this series and if you are an adult we know what have you felt during your teenage time about love.
  3. Bang Baja Barat: Bang Baja Barat is a truly contemporary rom-com that doesn’t shy away from showing the more risqué aspects of urban relationships. It is about the coming of age; of the Indian web series and original audio-visual content on the Internet; of the depiction of urban love and relationships; of the changing definition of clean humour and accepting that even sex can be a part of it, as long as the intent is in the right place. (best web series in India)
  4. TVF F.A.T.H.E.R.S: TVF’s F.A.T.H.E.R.S is comedy web series that show three fathers trying to understand the peculiarities of a young generation. Watch this series with your father it will be a great fun for you both. He can love it or can bit you (HAHAHAHA) but seriously the creators have shown the trio deals with an ever changing generation and in doing so break the stereotype about restrictions by Indian fathers. (Best Web Series In Hindi)
  5. Selection Day: The plot which at the beginning seems very predictable takes major turn when boys move to Mumbai & series of events shows interesting characters like Akshay Oberoi & Mahesh Manjrekar. Ratna Pathak shah is easily the best actor & the father, for a second doesn’t seem like his acting! To make things happen what one needs is either luck or money, talent doesn’t always work out. Start watching it and you won’t stop watching it till the end. Watch it till the end to know what happens on the selection day, if their hard work and struggle pays off. The one who is dreaming of becoming a cricketer can feel this story and can even cry.
  6. Girls Hostel: Imagine a night in with 4 girls. Now imagine doing that for 4 years. In a building full of girls that is a Girl’s Hostel. Live the Dushmani, the Dosti, the Pyaar, the Bhasad. The girl gang can totally go nuts watching the series. Experience your life in the hostel with lots of drama, love and fight with us in this series. (Best Web Series in Hindi)
  7. Malgudi Days: It reflects life and daily chores faced by Rural India in a Subtle, Simple & a charming way. Nothing comes close to perfection as Malgudi Day’s. It invokes a nostalgia. The show is a fragrance of those good old days when Vedic traditions and culture drove human life. We want to go back there.Though Time travel is still not possible yet Malgudi Days transports us there for a short time. 

We hope that we have made your day with great suggestions over Best Web Series in Hindi and Best Web Series in India.