October 22, 2020


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Best Web Series On Netflix

Best Web Series On Netflix

Best Web Series on Netflix…Welcome to all the crazy and lazy heads and fans of web series. Netflix has completely changed our way of spending Sunday’s that looks different from previously.

Binge watching TV series and web shows has become our new favourite of things of passing time and chilling. The popular phrase “Netflix and chill” just makes so much sense to all of us stuck amidst traffics, deadlines and bills, which we just love to spend our time of shows that make us happy and relax our mind.

Netflix India has something for everyone and that has made it one of the most popular SVOD platforms here. Yet many times there are shows and series which are not entertaining enough and you need to have a sorted list of binge worthy shows.

Here we have enlisted some of the best shows that you should watch and rejoice your weekends, after office and vacations. This best web series on Netflix shows will turn your tired day into the fresh one. Have a look at them and give your time to these shows and let us know what you think of our recommendations.

Best Web Series On Netflix - moviezmantra
  1. Narcos: Netflix takes on the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar and the Medellín drug cartel is a biological drama about the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar and other drug kingpins who became billionaires by distributing and dealing in cocaine.. A gripping look at the violent and powerful drug cartels of Colombia, including the infamous Pablo Escobar, and the corroborative efforts of various law enforcement whose job was to bring them down. Escobar is used as a vehicle to illustrate the futility of the American drug war and the toll it took on both the criminals in Colombia and the authorities in the United States. As dramatic series go, Narcos is decent. As a historical examination of the drug trade, it is absolutely fascinating.
  1. Jessica Jones: Jones is a private detective with certain special powers, but the series doesn’t put her P.I. talents to much use. Krysten Ritter’s title character is too often dour and sarcastic, robbing the series of some much-needed levity. Still, it’s a captivating, thematically-rich series that covers ground no other superhero series would dare to explore, and while that doesn’t make it the most entertaining Marvel series, it is the bravest and most original. (Best Web Series On Netflix)
  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The lives of a group of detectives in a fictional New York precinct — an ensemble featuring Andy Samberg, Andre Braugher, and Terry Crews — get the sitcom treatment from The Office co-creator Michael Schur. It follows the workplace antics of New York cop, Jake Peralta, played by the endlessly hilarious Andy Samberg. Everyone who watches the show is immediately captivated by the life of the relatable goofball Jake Peralta, unable to stop watching the addicting series as they begin to see greater depth in each of the bizarre and lovable characters they are introduced too. 
  1. Sex Education: This British teem comedy is committed to exploring all of the cringe-worthy, taboo topic associated with sex, just not in animated form. Lacking in lovemaking experience but full of advice thanks to his sex therapist mom, a socially awkward British teenager agrees to start a school sex therapy clinic with a rebel in need of money. Sex is a comedy goldmine, and although the show loves to play up ’80s high-school tropes, there’s real nuance and thought that goes into how these teens are portrayed and their interactions with sex. Plus, Anderson’s comedic timing is spot-on. (Best Web Series On Netflix)
  1. Jane the Virgin: Gina Rodriguez (Annihilation) stars as a devout Catholic and working young Latina virgin who becomes pregnant after an accidental artificial insemination in this rom-com satire.
  1. The Haunting of Hill House: The Haunting of Hill House slowly turns into a spellbinding masterpiece full of sorrow and longing. With some mesmerising acting in particular from Carla Gugino as the mother of the Crain family, the series shows the tragic events played out in Hill House around 20 years prior and the stain they left behind.  Every episode oozes emotion, creating a bunch of characters so frail and fickle you can see them in yourself. It shows how these children as adults have to return to the place and face all the ghosts from their pasts. The Netflix series is full of drama and thrill that can leave viewers flabbergasted.
  1. The Crown: A look at the life of Britain’s longest-ruling monarch Queen Elizabeth II, from her wedding in 1947 to the present day, including the political rivalries, romances and world-changing events during her reign. The Crown takes you on the journey of Elizabeth II through the decades which I understand to be ‘almost’ factual and very informative. There isn’t one setting that isn’t convincing. I would swear they actually filmed in Buckingham Palace- incredible!

 The above mentioned are the best web series on Netflix that you should definitely watch and suggest to your friends as well. 

Best Web Series On Amazon Prime

Best Web Series On Amazon Prime

Thought you’d exhausted your options? Think again. The best Amazon Prime shows are hiding some of the best, most under-appreciated series out there, plus a few cult classics and comfort blanket shows you’ll want to revisit again and again. And that’s just on the surface. We would like to present some best web series on Amazon Prime suggestions to you.

  1. Upload: After his untimely death a man is able to choose his own after life. This show is set in future where there are self driving cars, food printer!(How insane is that!) and many more but there is also one portal or company which allows dying people to upload their conscious on a digital cloud making them sort of immortal digitally. Here begins our story of Nathan and Nora. Nora is an “angel” that works for Lake view where Nathan’s conscious is uploaded. They both really hit it off and you’d find yourself rooting for them even though he has girlfriend named Ingrid and also since one is alive and the other is, well, digital. Still they have this charming, sweet and cute chemistry between them. There is also a mystery as to how Nathan reaches there which is also a big point in the series. Supporting cast is pretty good and they are all loveable. Trust me you won’t stop till you’ve seen it all and then would want more. Amazon’s Upload is the best thing that you can treat yourself to in these difficult times.
  1. Homecoming: The plot moves slowly but I think that makes the impact of the climax more convincing. A very hard season follows up that’s excellent in its own right and to make something just as good. The series is set in the near future, however, the aesthetic feels very 60s early 70s. A woman wakes up in a rowboat adrift on a river, but she has no memory of how she got there — or even who she is. The search for her identity leads to the Geist Group, the mysterious wellness company behind the unorthodox Homecoming Initiative. 
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  1. The Man in the High Castle: The plot is so complex, gripping and of course sometimes confusing. The characters are rich and deep, especially the protagonist Juliana Crain who was played by Alexa Davalos quite masterfully. She deftly and quite subtly switches her as they show her in different alternate worlds. Even some of the minor characters have so much depth and significance that only someone who is a thorough student of human nature can create such characters. The twists and turns of the plot seem so natural and not something contrived to create excessive suspense and surprise, as is often done with many shows.  It leaves you absolutely emotional at the end and so thankful that our history didn’t dive into the hell that is, Man in the High Castle. (Best Web Series On Netflix)
  1. Modern Family: Three different but related families face trials and tribulations in their own uniquely comedic ways. It centres on the daily lives of three different but related families. Parents need to know that Modern Family is an ensemble comedy that offers a poignant and laughably honest portrayal of contemporary family life. The three families featured include a same-sex couple and their adopted daughter, and a post-midlifer and his much younger Latina second wife and stepson. 
  1. The Big Bang Theory: Loved and hated in equal measure, this long-running sitcom is about the lives of two physicists, their aspiring actress neighbour, and their fellow geek friends: an aerospace engineer, and an astrophysicist. Added two women — a neuroscientist and a microbiologist — as it went on. Seasons two through six were the good years. (Best Web Series On Netflix)
  1. Young Sheldon: Young Sheldon is a spin-off prequel to The Big Bang Theory and begins with the character Sheldon Cooper at the age of nine, living with his family in East Texas and going to high school.
  1. This is Us: It’s not just a tv show, it’s a piece of art. It’s a collection of stories of this beautiful family, The Pearsons told to the audience through little things going back and forth.  This is Us is simple and complicated, wholesome and heartbreaking, kind and brutal. The most beautiful paradox you will ever see, which is what makes it so true to real life. Despite the specific and unpredictable stories in the series it is difficult to watch the show without seeing you, your family, your friends, or anyone you love in one or more of the characters and their storylines. (Best Web Series On Netflix)

A binge watcher knows the importance of getting good suggestions over web series and best movies on amazon prime. You cannot get over with the content that is on internet in these days. We all crave for a good and happy end of the day with our loved one and you watching something and end your day relaxing your mind.

Hope these reviews and suggestions have helped you to start your journey on binge watching. We will get back with more best web series suggestion.