October 22, 2020


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best web series to watch

Best Web Series To Watch

Best web series to watch…Generally what we do on normal days, when we don’t feel going out or do anything?

We just want to sit back and do nothing. So let me give you a little idea when you are just sitting idle, then why not try best web series to watch. Watching these series will definitely get you out of boredom, and will make your day full of entertainment and fun.

The days are gone when in Indian the only source of entertainment was limited to television or films. The digital space in India has grown so rapidly that the web series are rocking in the industry with the content that they put. We love watching the shows that we want, on our own terms, within the comfort of our rooms, at whatever time we want. And that’s the freedom the several OTT platforms at our perusal give us.

So when don’t feel like doing anything or just want to relax your mind for a bit, for that we can came up with the best web series to watch.

ASUR - Best web series to watch
  • Asur: A voot criminal thriller series starring Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti. The story is based in the mystical city of Varanasi and revolves around serial killers. If you are looking for a best thriller web series in India, this should be in your top list of must watch. You will see a mix of forensic science, a bit of suspense with ancient India mythology. See what happens in the city of Varanasi where crime has taken its place and how it is solved.
  • The ChargeSheet: A recent controversy from the censorship world and critics, which maybe is a ploy to build buzz around the show is a mini series on Zee5. The series follows the journey of a CBI officer seeking the truth behind the gruesome murder of national table tennis champion.
  • Home: Home is a great web series. The whole series explains a hustle and day-to-day life of Middle class families. Packed with emotion, Anger, Frustration, Stereotypes. Everyone must watch this series. Especially middle class families. The web series does strike a chord with how government does exploit people if anyone goes against it.
  • Baked: Baked is an Indian fiction web series chronicling the misadventures of three university flatmates who start a midnight food delivery service. Get on board to watch the show and experience all the things that this 3 boys go through while doing their mid night delivery service.
  • Girls Hostel: The most popular and relatable female-centric web series by Girliyapa. Girls hostel is the story of four girls who walk through the daily events in the life of an ordinary girl. The series reminds viewers of their days in a hostel if they have ever lived in with typical wardens who monitor literally everything that a woman does. You have fun watching it, if you have experienced the hostel life then you know what the show has and if you haven’t then you should must watch the show to see what have you missed.

Best Web Series To Watch On YouTube

Best Web Series To Watch On YouTube

YouTube has created a large audience in India from past few years. And content on this platform is loved by many. We have series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 and many other platforms where we need to take the subscription but YouTube is free for all and there are so many best web series to watch on YouTube that you will fall in love with them. Below is the list of few of the web series.

  • Girl in the City: The show has 3 seasons and a bindass originals starring Mithila Palkar. Lot of youngsters comes to Mumbai in search of their dreams, to complete their dreams and to find their way. This show explores Mithila the lead character who also comes to Mumbai to fulfil her dream of becoming a successful fashion designer in this city. In show you will see the struggles a small town girl go through in the city like Mumbai and specially in the Fashion Industry because there the struggle is going to be tough, to prove the capabilities and show the hunger of becoming something. Youngsters will love the love and may give some motivation as well. All the seasons are available on YouTube.
  • The Trip: Another one from Bindass. Four friends on a road trip, how does this sound. Great right but you don’t know what’s on the way and the advantages they go through while on the trip. It has 2 seasons where in the first season they decide to go on a road trip when one of the friend announces his engagement and to celebrate they decide to be on road and have fun. And in the second season they run out of a wedding with the bride as she was confused in the last moment whether her decision was correct or not and the groom was her childhood friend. See how this trip turns out for them and what happens to the bride and groom at the end. Do they marry? Or not? You will know only after watching it. (Best Web Series To Watch On YouTube)
  • Bachelors: It is a story of Indian males who live together in big cities and are trying to find their place in the world. A TVF series. In every episode they have new obstacles to tackle with, like the landlord, dry day, facing a ghost and many others that we Indian males go through while living alone in a city far from family. Part slacker comedy and part sweet fun guys show with some less than family friendly moments.
  • What the Folks: Dice Media’s Pocket Aces is a refreshing take on stereotypes and kicks off season one of What the Folks. It is a modern, Indian family story which you will get connected instantly. They have 2 seasons of this show where in the first show the young man has to live with his in-laws due to work and the his wife as to stay back in Delhi. See what happens when you are staying at your in-laws alone without your wife and the second season the in-laws of the girl comes to visit them in their new apartment in Mumbai where they have settled. How an Indian family is, you will know from this show. Watch it; it has all the drama you are looking for with some comedy.
  • The Reunion: 4 friends go back to their school for a reunion after 10 years and they realise the importance of looking back in terms to move forward. So many memories are at stake including friendships, relationships and other memories of their life. In the reunion they find out the answer to what was left behind and try to solve things up which was messed up. (Best Web Series To Watch)
  • Operation MBBS: If you are a MBBS student then you will relate to this story fully. The Dice Media web series is far better than other Indian medical TV shows and web series. Story of three students who came from diverse backgrounds and have their own reasons for pursuing MBBS.
  • Soulmates: A story of two ex-schoolmates who bump into each other on a trip to Shillong. Priyanshu is a music composer who has came to Shillong chasing a girl of a rock band who then meets his schoolmate Anshul Chauhan who is on a solo bike trip across northeast. They met unexpectedly and fall in love with each other or may be not but they are giving us that vibes.
  • Adulting: This is a daily life story of two 20 year old girls who are living together in Mumbai trying to be by themselves and be independent for the first time. The story revolves around how Ray and Nikhat struggles in their daily life as flat mates and being each other’s support throughout the time. They are each other’s support when one falls the second one leans forward to help the other but the other one can fall too while helping. It is a great story of a relationship knows as friendship. We all look for a friend who supports us, be our partner in crime and this is what the story shows.
  • Please Find Attached: Please Find Attached is for all the people who love mushy content. It is a mini series with 3 episodes but a very great story stars Ayush Mehra and Barkha Singh. The story focuses on the real life problems faced by youngsters and how constantly they are trying to balance their work life and love life. Shaurya (Ayush Mehra) is sad about the fact that he is not being recognised at work for his constant efforts, Sanya (Barkha Singh) is still figuring out ways to shift up from home and living on her own.
  • Home Sweet Office: This series revolves around a family and the little things that happen with two cousins Adhira and Shagun who work as wedding planners and are on the project which involves the marriage of one of their ex. They have turned their home into a office as they have started their journey recently. So here you will see some struggles handing a start up business and working from home. If you are in the same situation then this will be a lot appropriate series for you to watch. (Best Web Series To Watch On YouTube)

Best Web Series To Watch Hollywood

Best Web Series To Watch Hollywood

When talking about web series how can we forget to mention Best web series to watch Hollywood. Few of them are mentioned below.

  • Orange is the New Black: Orange Is the New Black is as funny as Weeds in its early years, but Kohan has found a way to infuse poignancy to the overall vibe of her stories. The traffics in stereotypes, it also challenges and complicates them. The series will make viewers laugh and think, and every once in a while, it will break viewers’ hearts. It is a smart show, but most of all, it is good, in every sense of the word. (Best Web Series To Watch)
  • Master of None: A post-racial dating and relationship sitcom about millennia’s. It also explores intimacy without resorting to gender stereotypes or relationship clichés. It’s new, and unique, and most of all, it is kind. It’s a good series about genuinely good people, and the chemistry between Ansari’s character and his love interest.
  • Dear White People: Dear White People is a smart, insightful, thoughtful and at times sharply funny examination of racial politics on a college campus, where it’s more than just black people pitted against white people; it’s woke people vs. those who aren’t woke; black people fighting the system versus black people trying to work within the system; and light-skinned black people versus darker skinned black people. It’s an eye-opening, smartly crafted television show.

Keep spreading love for Best web series to watch Hollywood and share the list with others who are looking something to watch on their free time or while travelling.