October 22, 2020


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best web series

Best Web Series

Best Web Series….The Indian film industry and the television industry for a very long time have been in different leagues. While Bollywood is making waves globally with its content and work, our television industry has refused to reinvent and remained to the same melodrama which we have been watching for years. Thankfully, the launch of Indian web series in the country has been a relief of bringing fresh, new and innovative contents giving opportunity to a lot of new actors. Creators are not shying away from trying to think and create content that is out of the box. The biggest motivating factor in this is the lack of censorship.

The battle of creators with the censors has been going on since ages. With the lack of censorship, creators on the web space are now free to present their story the way they actually want to and putting some lights on the stories that are real and should come out. We have got enough glimpses of the potential of the content which we are able to produce even after we have such young creators working out there. So, we list down some of our best web series that you definitely must check out.

Indian web series have grown and have become a source of inspiration and entertainment to the audiences. We have compiled some of the best web series that you would love to watch and can even have some knowledge and inspiration from it. 

  1. Bard of Blood: An Indian web television series starring Emraan Hashmi and launched on Netflix, India, is a seven episode series produced by Shahrukh Khan’s production house – the Red Chillies Entertainment Set in the troubled Pakistani province of Balochistan, the show deals with cross border terrorism and involves rogue Indian agents contending with Pakistani intelligence services. Despite the action, the narrative is deeply rooted in fostering xenophobic stereotypes and Islamophobic clichés in the portrayal of its characters. A very unsettling aspect of the series is that in several instances, the characters voice information that is an obvious fact for the other characters present in the scene. The series fails to impress the audience as well as critics alike in the seemingly distorted narration, writing as well as direction. 
  2. Delhi Crime: Inspired by the aftermath of the horrific 2012 Delhi gang-rape case, Delhi Crime is not an easy show to watch, but one that is both, important and relevant. All the 7-episodes of the series show us the effort that goes on the part of the Delhi police in nabbing the men behind the act. While some people thought it presented a story skewed to favour the authorities, what can’t be denied is Shefali Shah’s powerful performance. If nothing else, watching this series will make you truly appreciate the efforts of policemen in our country. Being a police officer in a country like India is truly a thankless job. Despite being relentless at work for hours at a stretch, they’re treated as a virus filled with corruption. All in all, Delhi crime is a fascinating watch, one that grips your heart and never let’s go till the very end.
  3. Gullak: As far as family comedy-dramas, Gullak was refreshingly hilarious and undoubtedly nostalgic. The 5 episode show is like peeking to your childhood photo album and remembering those old days of your life. The show ill specially connect with the middle class family as it has shown the struggles that goes behind achieving the small happiness but still the family is happy together in all the ups and downs of life. (best web series)
  4. YOU: What would you do for love? How will you get the love of your life to love you back? This is a thriller story about a male bookstore manager who crosses path with an inspiring writer and then falls in love with her. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even and the manager starts stalking her. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool at his disposal to become close to her, even going so far as to remove any obstacle –including people — that stands in his way of getting to her.
  5. Fleabag: Looking for a comedy drama then this is where you need to go. Fleabag is a girl who has no filters as she navigates life and love in London and is trying to cope with the tragedy. It shows how she has to deal with his family and has to be in the best possible mood even if she was going through a rough time because she doesn’t like to take help.
  6. Mind Hunter: Extremely well directed with meticulous attention to period (mid to late 70’s) detail, Mind Hunter is a tour de force in the field of criminal psychology. If you are a lover of crime shows and movies this is your type. The job of FBI agents is to get inside the head of a villain and figure out how he thinks to catch a criminal They attempt to understand and catch serial killers by studying their damaged psyches. (best web series)

Best Web Series 2019

Best Web Series 2019

Over the last decade (2010-2019), the internet has churned out the kind of quirky, bold, unusual, and intelligent content that has made binge-watching our favourite millennial activity.

Nowadays India starts making the Best Web Series 2019. Every month there are so many new web series that come on the Internet and you know what this is the era of Web Series and Web Movies in India. So why not have a look at some amazing content of 2019.

  1. Inside Edge: Amazon Prime’s first original web series, Inside Edge is a fictional take on India’s T20 cricket scene. It stars Richa Chaddha, Angad Bedi, Tanuj Virwani, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Vivek Oberoi, and its first season premiered in July 2017 and the second season was released in 2019. It tells the story of a fictional T20 cricket team called Mumbai Mavericks, which is participating in the Power Play League, a nod to the Indian Premier League (IPL). You will get an insight into the politics behind the game, and how people regularly play a game involving sex, money, and power to achieve their own means.Watch this series for a crazy thrilling ride into the world of glamour, politics, and cricket, and witness some great performances in the mix.
  2. City of Dreams: City of Dreams is essentially the story of Poornima and Ashish Rao Gaikwad ,children of Ameya Rao Gaikwad ,who’s a prominent political figure in Maharashtra and has eyes on New Delhi.  A story of political fight between brother and sister. How they come against each other for being in politics and being a woman Poornima had to prove that she can hold the place. Watch what happens to the brother and sister in the fight of politics.
  3.  Hostages: Four masked men break into the Anand family home, taking them hostage. Pushed into a do-or-die situation, Dr. Mira Anand has to make a choice. Will she take a life or save lives? Hostages is a psychological crime thriller that one should watch at least once.
  4. Kaafir: The series follows Kainaz Akhtar (Mirza), a woman from Pakistan who finds herself on the Indian side of the border and is promptly declared a militant. Kainaz languishes behind bars for eight years, giving birth to a daughter along the way. Kainaz holds out hope of returning to her home in Pakistan, but makes little progress until lawyer-turned journalist Vedant Rathod (Raina) learns of her story and decides to win justice for her. As the two fights to assert Kainaz’s innocence, secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested. Kaafir is an emotional and engaging watch that has all the elements you’re looking for. Instead of focusing on the ever-controversial Indo-Pak situation, it gives a rather personal touch to the geopolitics, which is refreshing. Will Vedant be able to get the two of them out of prison and send them back to Pakistan? (Best Web Series 2019)
  5. Breath: This Amazon web series is probably India’s answer to Breaking Bad. This thriller explores the lives of ordinary men faced with extraordinary circumstances. In Breaking Bad, we see the lead character discovering that he’s not got much time to live which forces him on a path that he never thought he would end up on. In Breathe, we see Madhavan pull off some crazy acts in order to save his only son Josh, who has 6 months to live. Josh is in urgent need of a lung transplant which is his only hope to live. However, the problem is that he’s fourth on the transplant receiver’s list. While the number might not seem that bad to others, try explaining it to a father who considers his child to be his world.
    Amit Sadh, on the other hand, plays his nemesis Inspector Kabir Sawant who has his own share of demons to battle with. Kabir becomes determined to do whatever it takes to crack the case and deliver justice for the victims’ loved ones.
  6. Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice is a crime thriller and court drama rolled into one. Aditya (Vikrant Massey) plays a cab driver, who ends up having a one night stand with one of his passengers and wakes up the next morning only to find her murdered. Obviously, he becomes the prime suspect in the case, but, did he actually do it? Criminal Justice is a show that keeps you glued throughout the. You all will love the 10 episodes of the show and may binge watch all of them.

Enjoy the list, I hope you enjoy watching the shows as well.