October 22, 2020


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mystery thriller movies

Mystery Thriller Movies

Mystery thriller movies……Some genres are easier to define than others. Werewolf movies are movies with werewolves in them. Family movies are intended for all audiences. But “thrillers” can be tougher to nail down. A lot of movies will after all thrill you. That doesn’t mean they all have life-or-death situations, serial killers, and kidnappings in them.

But these are the types of suspense and intense full situations we can expect from with label of Mystery thriller movies. They are typical stories of the people who are normal but suddenly thrust by circumstance or their own sins into perilous situations. Will they survive? Will they prove their innocence? Will life ever be the same again? We demand the answers to these questions because, as strange and contrived as situations in a thriller can get, the protagonists closely resemble most of the people in the audience, who don’t seek out danger and worry about what would happen if it befell us anyway.

Horror movies are generally about confronting our fears of death. There’s a reason the body count is usually much higher in a conventional horror movie. Thrillers are generally about confronting our fears of staying alive, the anxieties and paranoias that plague us every day, and the consequences we fear that prevent us from living more exciting, albeit dangerous lives. Horror movies are about dying. Thrillers are about staying alive.

Thrillers are also about plausibility. Once magic or science-fiction works its way into the storyline, the film becomes less about normal people surviving harrowing situations and more about the mechanics of the fantasy world it now inhabits. The events of a thriller may be highly unlikely but they could, at least in an impressionistic way, happen in the real world. That’s what makes them captivating. It could happen to you.

Of course, even with all that said, there are still a lot of death, dismemberment and torture to be found in the best thrillers of the 21st century. 

Let’s have look at some of the Mystery thriller movies that you should have in you watch wish list and finish watching it whenever you get time.

  1. Changeling: As a director, Clint Eastwood may be most famous for making serious dramas and revisionist westerns, but he started his career with an acclaimed thriller (Play Misty for Me) and he never forgot how to ratchet up tension. Changeling tells the intense true story of Christine Collins, played by an Oscar-nominated Angelina Jolie, whose son goes missing in 1928, only to be returned to her by the police later. The problem is, the child they return to her isn’t Christine’s son, and nobody will believe her. Christine presents all kinds of bulletproof evidence, like the fact that the new child is shorter than her actual child, only to be told by a corrupt police department absolute nonsense, like the trauma shrunk him. As crazy as that sounds, it all actually happened, and Eastwood’s film chronicles in painstaking, unbearable detail this perfectly sensible woman – whose son is still missing – getting undermined, gaslit and ultimately horrifically abused and institutionalised just because her existence inconveniences men in power. There aren’t many modern thrillers as righteously upsetting as Changeling. 
  2. The Prestige: Two fellow magicians, who were once friends, are now competing against each other to prove that they are smarter than the other one.and this happens after a bitter tragedy that happens in their lives. After they devote themselves to the rivalry, they make sacrifices that bring them fame but with terrible consequences. See what were the consequences and how did they deal with it. (Mystery thriller movies.)
  3. Gumnaam: How can we forget a bollywood thriller movie when we are talking about mystery thriller movies. The movie Gumnaam was directed by Raja Nawathe starring Manoj Kumar, Nanda, Helen, Pran and Mehmood in the lead roles. The movie was first of its kind suspense thrillers of bollywood that garnered so many accolades. The story is adapted from Agatha Christie’s best seller suspense thriller “And then there were none”.  The movie starts after a murder believed to be committed by the ghost of a girl who sings the song “Gunmaan hain koi” at night. Check out what happens in the movie and the end is pretty interesting to watch.  

Mystery Movies Hollywood

Mystery Movies Hollywood

Some movies are so interesting that when you watch them, you’re afraid of missing even a single shot, and try to be extremely attentive to find the clues to what’s going on even before the characters do. Mystery movies Hollywood has some of the great films that you don’t have to miss in your life.

  1. The Life of David Gale: Bitsey Bloom, a journalist, interviews David Gale, a famous professor and an ardent opponent of the death penalty. He’s been convicted for the murder of activist Constance Harraway, and in 3 days’ time he’ll be executed. The more Bitsey communicates with the professor, the better she understands that his life is in her hands, and it’s she who has to prove Gale’s innocence. The ending of this film is impossible to predict. (Mystery thriller movies)
  1. The Number 23: Walter Sparrow, an animal control officer, starts reading a novel called The Number 23, which his wife gave to him. But the more he reads, the more he understands: what happens to the book’s main character reminds him of his own life way too much. Walter has to reveal the secret of the number 23 to change the future. Otherwise he will commit the same monstrous murder as the character in the book does. This movie will be loved by everyone who loves the drama, mystery, and, of course, Jim Carrey.
  1. The Game: Michael Douglas plays a banker who receives a birthday gift from his brother. The story takes a turn for the worse after the protagonist decides to use the gift. Fincher always gets his thrillers right. To know what the gift was and how it affected the life of a banker you should watch the movie. (Mystery thriller movies)
  2. Mystic River: Jimmy Markum, David Boyle and Sean Devin were inseparable friends since childhood. They liked to play hockey and misbehave, like all the boys, but one day an accident changed all their lives. 30 years later, a new tragedy brings old friends together. The daughter of Jimmy was murdered, and Sean takes on the case in an effort to solve it. Jimmy decides investigate on this on his own, and later suspects that his friend Dave is actually the killer, because all the description of the criminal fits with him. A stunning film that won two Academy Awards.


I hope you all have enjoyed ready about Mystery movies Hollywood, so now that the reading part is over why not go and watch this movies.