October 22, 2020


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Suspense Movies

Suspense Movies…..There are plenty of great ways to spice up your life, but the easiest of them all is by hitting play on a heart-pumping thriller. Suspense movies never ever go out of fashion. No matter what else happens in cinema, audiences always demand for films that get their hearts racing.

To be fair, we are never likely to get bored of chases, suspense and drama. But what often forgotten is that suspense and thrillers are where a lot of the most innovative and distinctive writers and directors do their best stuff – after all thrillers live or die by keeping audiences intrigued, so filmmakers are always exploring new things.

The feeling that a superb suspense movies leaves you with is unlike any other feeling. It’s lingering and pulse-pounding and it makes you feel alive. And feeling alive is good.

You are probably finished with our list of the Mystery movies and the ones that are way ahead of their time.

Best Suspense Movies

Best Suspense Movies

Now it’s time to treat yourself with these Best Suspense Movies that are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat with their twisted endings. Check out the list below:

  1. Blood Simple: Blood Simple is a noir thriller about a bartender who starts an affair with his boss’s wife only for it to end in gunshot and bloodshed – literally a tense affair that happens from start to finish. Frances McDormand’s terrified facial expressions and whispered scenes make the directorial debut of the Coen Brothers one that stands the test of time – even if it was grossly underrated when it was first released. 
  1. Deliverance: The film was released in the year1972 directed by John Boorman. A story track that will leave you shocked. If you’re under the age of say, 45, there’s a good chance all you know about Deliverance is that there’s a weird kid playing a banjo and something unsavoury happens in the woods where a guy from nowhere squeals like a pig; not exactly exciting stuff, right? But make no mistake, this is a seat-gripping thriller set in the wilderness that you’ll never forget. The leads don’t have any idea of what they are into and there is way more adventure than they were looking for. (Suspense Movies)
  1. Vertigo: Released in the year of 1958 and directed by Alfred Hitchcock it has a strange ride to its now firm standing as one of the greatest movies of all time. Upon its initial release, the film broke even financially, and many critics were less than enamoured with it. But as time passed more people began to adore it. A retired San Francisco detective who has an extreme fear of heights and is also obsessed with the woman he’s been hired to follow.
  2. US: A latest release of 2019. The horror-suspense movie follows a woman named Adelaide Wilson, who heads back to the beach house that once haunted her alongside her family. Adelaide’s sense of unease begins to increase and soon proves itself to have validity after a group of masked stranger’s attempts to break-in. These attackers reveal themselves to look like the members of Adelaide’s family, causing the Wilsons to have even bigger reasons to fret.

Do watch these Best Suspense movies if you are someone who loves thriller and suspense.

Suspense Movies Bollywood

Suspense Movies Bollywood

Everyone enjoys watching the movies full of suspense. It keeps boosting up our interest in each and every scene. Some say Hollywood movies are more interesting as compared to Bollywood. But wait I do have a list of some of the best Suspense Movies Bollywood, so get your popcorn ready and sit and watch this movie because I am telling you no less than going into a house full of mysteries.

  1. Kahaani: A pregnant woman travels to Kolkata from London in search of her missing husband and talks to the help of a police officer but later when all the clues lead to the dead end she realises that there is more than what they have seen. The movie has one of the best climaxes in Bollywood.
  2. Talaash: A psychological horror thriller film co-written and directed by Reema Kagti. A police officer is on the duty to find out the mystery behind the death of a well-known actor while he was dealing with the death of his own son as well and what he finds out is quite unexpected!
  3. NH10: NH10 is based on many incidents that have previously occurred on the stretch between Gurgaon and Haryana. While on a road trip, a couple comes across a series of incidents involving a gangster who makes them run for their lives when they witness an honour killing committed by him and later starts pursuing the couple to eliminate them.
  4. Badla: Released in 2019 this movie was directed by Sujoy Ghosh starring Amitabh Bachchan, Tapsee Pannu and Amrita Singh. This is one of the Suspense movies that have amazing plot and a shocking twist in the end which will leave you stunned. Naina, a successful entrepreneur married women gets caught in a web of accusations where it is said that she has done a murder and her lover is also found dead . She then hires a reputable lawyer to work with her on the case and find answers. The story of the murder is a big suspense for all and this suspense gets clear in the end of the movie. 
  5. Andhadhun: How can we forget to include this movie in the list of Suspense Movies Bollywood without this the list is incomplete. Akash a piano player was visually-impaired or he was trying to be one. He went in trouble when he witnesses the murder of a former film actor and then what happens next is a total suspense for all of us.

Suspense Movies Hindi

Suspense Movies Hindi

Don’t underestimate Bollywood there is a lot in this list of Suspense Movies Hindi this were only few of them. You will find out that Indian movie industry has a collection of movies that has mystery and thriller.

I would like to name some of the Suspense Movies Bollywood that you can watch other than this. Because why not we have more in our store. Movies like Bluffmaster, Mahal, Ugly, A Wednesday, Drishyam, Special 26, Rahasya and many more include in this list.