October 22, 2020


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Mystery Movies

Mystery Movies

Mystery movies are a form of films that revolves around crime and mystery solving problems. Majorly focuses on the efforts of the detectives and investigators who do everything to solve the mysterious circumstances.  

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to good mystery movies to get the blood pumping. Nothing beats best mystery movies that have all the key ingredients of a nail-biting thriller: intense psychological suspense, an unexpected plot twist, and, of course, the perpetually flawed main character. 

We’re living in a golden age of true crime, documentaries, podcasts, TV shows, and books. This means, no surprise, that the murder mystery movies are making resurgence in popularity. The classic genre has some major standouts over the last several decades, and the typical whodunit setup—several people in a house, one dies, a detective has to solve the crime—has expanded to include truly unique settings and stories. That’s a good thing: It means that a lot of these mysteries can play with form and framing while they still give you that perfect twist ending. There are a couple horror films, one action movie, and a number of dramas on this list. The one thing they have in common? A killer mystery.

What’s great is that fictional whodunits can satisfy your crime-solving, clue-finding itch without the sad (and, if we’re being honest, somewhat problematic) true-life aspects of true crime. Here are some of the mystery movies that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. (No major spoilers lie ahead for any of these mind-bending films, particularly the whodunit part. But if you don’t want to know anything about the plot, go watch before you read.)

Let me first tell you one thing that the mystery movies have one thing in common: They make you feel like a detective—even if you’ve never been involved with law enforcement in your life. 

Best Mystery Movies

Best Mystery Movies

Here we are rounding up some of the best mystery movies that will make you want to watch them in complete silence and concentration.

  1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: The original Swedish version of this movie was released in 2009 starring Noomi Repace and Michael Nyqvist and then after two year in the year 2011 the American version of this movie was released. The story follows the Lead actors as they investigate the twisted disappearance of a woman 40 years earlier. The two discover more than they bargained for. 
  1. The Da Vinci Code: The movie is based on the popular novel with the same name written by Dan Brown. The novel was published in 2003 and the movie was released after 3 years that is in the year 2006 in the direction of Ron Howard. The main lead Robert travels to London from Paris to find out the truth behind a bizarre and mystery full murder. Working on the mystery murder he learns about a religious mystery that was protected by a secret society. What do you think will he find out the mystery or will he not?
  1. The Usual Suspects: This film is a 1995 release directed by Bryan Singer. The movie has a twisted plot that will leave you unsure of anything except for the fact that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Five criminals meet during a routine police line up and plan a dangerous heist involving precious emeralds worth three million dollars. Their success in this is a mystery. Check it out in the movie.
  1. Zodiac: The film is based on the killing spree that took place in San Francisco in the 60/70s – the murderer was nicknamed the ‘Zodiac’ killer and remains unsolved to this day. A cartoonist tries to find him with his puzzle solving abilities to get closer to reveal the identity of the killer. But did he?
  1. Shutter Island: Shutter Island is the best work of Leonardo DiCaprio with the direction of Martin Scorsese. Two U.S marshals are sent to an asylum on an island to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients who was a murderer. But while there, they begin to uncover facts that will leave you desperate to figure out what’s really going on before the mystery drives you mad. An unclear fact of the place. What do you think that must be? Watch to know what it is.

These were some of the mystery movies that will give a chill all over your body. Watch them if you are a lover of thriller and mystery stories. They will totally do justice.

Murder Mystery Movies

Murder Mystery Movies

Now let us just check out some more Murder Mystery Movies that you can watch after you are done with the above list. Because you know what “The Show must go on”.

  1. Chinatown: Released in the year of 1974. It’s a multilayered story about corruption, cruelty, and deception at every level of society. A private investigator is hired by a woman named Mrs Mulwray to investigate her husband’s suspected infidelity but the case takes a turn when the investigator finds out the real Mrs. Mulwray. The story has a lot of layers on it. What do you think it must be? Who is the real Mrs. Mulwray? Find out by watching the movies.
  2. Manhattan Murder Mystery: When the next-door neighbour suddenly dies of a heart attack, Larry and Carol Lipton suspect her husband secretly killed her. As they snoop around to confirm their suspicions, they become increasingly paranoid and convinced of foul-play. Unpredictable twists and turns come in equal measure with the laughter as the Liptons stumble to solve the crime. What is it that we can’t see? You will know that after watching the movie.
  3. Identity: A movie released in the year 2003 has a lot in the story. During a torrential downpour in Nevada, ten strangers convene at a secluded roadside motel. When the strangers begin to die, one by one, answers are hard to come by. In a rather odd coincidence, all of the guests share the same birthday, May 10th, which adds to the maddening mystery. No spoilers, but the film provides an exhilarating twist on the murder mystery template.

Movies that have mystery and murder both in them are the most thrilled movies I must say.  Let us know which one you have watched other than this specially in the category of Murder Mystery Movies.